Flatpicking Guitar now on DVD

This week we got our Flatpicking Lead Guitar video on DVD (finally) and you can order it from the website. I know a lot of times people hold off on ordering a video, waiting for us to get it on to DVD. Well, you can stop waiting (for this one, anyway!). This is the perfect introduction to lead playing. If you've been strumming away on your old guitar for years but have never quite known how to make that leap to picking leads, this is for you. Here is a sample of how it is taught. This comes from the first lesson, "Old Joe Clark":

One thought on “Flatpicking Guitar now on DVD

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    I think I should get this video and get back to practicing some guitar too. I have the first two TMM guitar DVDs. Once you start TMM banjo it dominates, for me that is, all other interests.

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