Look A-Yonder Comin’

Look A-Yonder Comin\' CD coverCaseyHere's something nifty. An email about this CD just landed in my inbox. Titled Look A-Yonder Comin', It is from the Florida Folklife Collection and has live performances from the Florida Folk Festival. Leading off the disc is none other than Red and Murphy, with Tuck Tucker, playing and singing the Chubby Anthony classic "Georgia Bound." The year that it was taped was the first time Christopher (age 11, who you hear on mandolin) and I (Casey, on bass, age 14) played a real gig with our parents. I didn't know any tape existed of it, but here it is for all to hear. The CD has 18 cuts, including Bill Monroe playing "Big Mon." And best of all, it's free! You can download it, or they'll send you an actual CD. How cool is that?

One thought on “Look A-Yonder Comin’

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    Casey, thanks for posting this info. I just clicked on to “Look A-Yonder Comin'” there on the upper right and listened to “Baby I’m Georgia Bound,” and it’s really good. I’ll listen to the whole album too. I’m gonna tell me kids about this and they’ll want to listen to you too.

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