In Memory of Dalton Brill

Brill\'s Barber Shop window

Dalton Brill - April 10, 1935-October 29, 2008

Read the Winchester Star article on Dalton from October 31, 2008.

Brill's Barbershop is where Murphy's Misfits originated.

Brill\'s Barber Shop

Murphy's current group of Misfits at their jam on November 1st, 2008:

Murphy\'s Misfits

Photos by Ellen Zimmerman.

5 thoughts on “In Memory of Dalton Brill

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  2. Patrick

    I was very sorry to learn that Dalton had passed away recently. I didn’t get down to Winchester as much in the last few years but I never forgot Dalton. I was a cop there from 1990 until 1995 and many evenings I would walk down through the old town mall checking the doors to see if they had been locked for the night. I always enjoyed walking by Brill’s Barber Shop and hearing the music coming from under the shop. He was a great musician and a wonderful person to sit and chat with. He will be missed and I wanted everyone to know that he touched many lives in that area.
    God Bless you Dalton.
    Pat Elkins

  3. denis Lepine

    I would like to know where you got the great second photo
    of Dalton Shop.???


  4. Chris Kelsch

    In 1983 i used to bring my little boy justin to get his haircut , the talking dearhead, the music…the Karma in that shop was majic on every level.Good times, good people.we would drive from back creek road in gore, way past the boy scout camp, just to get a haircut, hear some FINE pickin.Everyone in Good Hollar….i miss you all,God has a great picker now….

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