Banjo Newsletter 35th Anniversary Issue

Casey HenryWe'd like to bring your attention to the November issue of Banjo Newsletter magazine. It is the 35th Anniversary issue, celebrating continuous publication since the first issue in November 1973. It features all sorts of history and reminiscences about the magazine, including a tab from the very first issue, and many tributes to founder Hub Nitchie. All the columnists reflect on their years with the magazine and Murphy returns to write her "On The Road" column. Especially exciting is the long-awaited return of the Flint Hill Flash, intrepid reporter from the Flint Hill community in North Carolina, where everyone plays banjo and wants to pick like Earl. If you've never read BNL before, this is the perfect issue to start with. Call them up (800-759-7425), subscribe, and ask them to start you with this special issue.