Pictures from Dalton Brill’s Memorial Pickin’

Casey HenryFor those of you who couldn't come to Dalton's service, but who wanted to, here are some pictures from the memorial pickin' we had at the shop the afternoon after the funeral.

Dalton Brill\'s Barber and Musician Shop

Dalton Brill\'s Barber Pole

Dalton Brill's barber pole.

Logan, Murphy, Red

Picking in the shop. L-R: Murphy's student Logan on banjo (you've read about him in previous blog posts), Murphy on fiddle, Red on mandolin, Gerald Crowell on guitar at right.

Murphy Henry

Murphy picking "Under The Double Eagle" on Dalton's banjo.

Marshall Wilborn

Bass player Marshall Wilborn, one of Dalton's Wildcats, taking in the music.

David, Chris

Wildcats David McLaughlin and Chris Henry.

Dalton\'s barberin implements

Some of Dalton's barbering implements. Note his CD, prominently displayed.

Sharpening strop

Dalton's sharpening strop.

One thought on “Pictures from Dalton Brill’s Memorial Pickin’

  1. Patrick


    I worked as a police officer in Winchester from 1990-1995. I always liked Dalton and I stopped by there through the years even after I had left the Winchester area. We would trade stories as he would ask me what was going on in the Martinsburg area and I would get the latest news about what was going on in Winchester. I will always remember his warm smile and the stories he told so well. I recently went down to Winchester and realized that his store was closed down and thought maybe something had happened to him. He will be missed as a friend and great story teller.
    Thanks for your blog.

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