Historic Discovery

Casey HenryToday, Murphy, through dilligent searching, turned up a song that has been in our family since she was a child. "There's a Little Cabin," which I recorded on my Real Women Drive Trucks CD, is a lullaby that Murphy's mother sang to her, and that Grandmother sang to me when I was little. As I say in the liner notes, I didn't like it initially and always asked her to sing something else. At some point, though, it became my favorite. We never knew where it came from, but today Murphy just took a notion to find it. And find it she did. Turns out the real title is "Virginia Moonlight" and it was written by someone named Harold B. Freeman in 1920. It was a romantic parlor song, surely never intended to be a lullaby! She found the sheet music in the Duke University Library, and solved our little mystery!