Banjo Pickin’ Girls

Casey HenryI've just returned from our kinda-weekly jam session made up of women mostly living in the East Nashville/Inglewood/Madison area. I've written about them before (here) . We call ourselves At Least We're Hot. They were tickled at the article I wrote about them in the January issue of Banjo Newsletter (alas, the article is not online; you have to get the actual print copy to read it). They made copies to paste in their scrapbooks.

We played our big hits: "Angelina Baker" (a favorite on account of it having only two chords), "More Handsome Men Than One" (an important fact to keep in mind), "Come Hither to Go Yonder" (not the banjo player's favorite, but the rest of us like it), and we ended with what may be our all-time favorite: "Banjo Pickin' Girl," the old Coon Creek Girls number. (We played more songs than that, obviously, but I'm not going to itemize our whole set list. We don't want anyone stealing our material! <G>)

We're at the point now that we're actually trying to play the tunes we've been playing for months now a little faster. We are even considering honing in on a dozen or so songs, working on our arrangements, and taking them out to play at some nursing homes. Look out big time, here we come!