What Marty Said

Murphy HenryBelow you’ll find part of a longer email from a new student, Marty. He bought one of the last banjos, a Gold Tone, sold out of Brill’s Barber and Musicians’ Shop when he came up for a lesson in November. I’m gonna give you his credentials before I tell you what he said that is blog-worthy. He is an eminent cardiologist who used to be the head of the cardiology department at Bethesda Naval Hospital. He’s still in practice although he’s slumming now somewhere deep in South Carolina. <G> He’s originally from Jacksonville, Florida, (so he’s got little bit of the Southern Gentlemanly good-old boy thing going) and I think he told me he went to the same high school that some of the Lynard Skynard band members did. (Bluegrass content in last remark: Larry Cordle did a whole bluegrass tribute CD to Lynyrd Skynyrd, called “Lonesome Skynyrd Time.” I just adore that song that goes “Give me three steps, give me three steps, mister, give me three steps to the door.” Larry’s CD was the first time I was able to understand the words! I’d always loved the beat!]

Anyhow, when you see what Marty had to say, you’ll know why I am absolutely tickled to post this:

I spent practically my whole adult life raising two girls, so I really like to play Casey’s CD "Real Women Drive Trucks" because they have always been of the opinion they could do just about anything a man could do. They laugh though when I tell them I just want to learn to pick like a girl since I admire so many woman banjo players.

Thank you, Marty!

And just to remind you all of a few of the fabulous female banjo pickers:

Roni Stoneman
Lynn Morris
Alison Brown
Kristin Scott Benson
Gina Britt
Pam Gadd
Robin Roller
Cia Cherryholmes
Casey Henry (!)
Julie Elkins
Janet Beazley

Janet Davis

[Editor's Note: Murphy Henry (duh!)]

I would list more but I’ve got to quit so Red and I can start watching the first volume of the Harry Potter series. Mount your brooms!