SB XLIII Pictures

Here are some shots from the game and etc...

Casey playing Raymond James Stadium

First, Here is the whole picture of me playing my "solo show" at Raymond James Stadium. Somebody pointed out that I could say I opened for Bruce Springsteen. (I don't have to mention the fact that there was a seven-day lapse between our performances.) Photo by George McPherson.

The Pirate Ship in Raymond James Stadium

This is the stadium about a week before the game. Notice the big Buccaneer Pirate ship has all it's Buccaneer sails replaced with NBC sails.

Outside Raymond James Stadium

This was my view of the side of the stadium as we were waiting outside during the first half of the game.

Bruce Springsteen on piano

It was hard to get good pictures of the show. I was way at the back of the crowd---which was exactly where I wanted to be---but it does not make for good photography. Here's Bruce on top of the piano near the beginning of the show.

Casey during halftime show

Self-portrait: Casey with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. 😉

Raymond James Stadium

This is what the audience looked like. All the ticketholders get little flashlights in their seat-cushion goodie packs.

Bruce and Stephen

These are a couple of the best shots---love the jumbotron! Here's Bruce and Steven Van Zandt.

Little Stephen on Jumbotron

And here's Little Steven saying "It's Boss time!"

Cap Spence

Cap always ends up signing at least a couple t-shirts for the volunteers. They are so inspired by him and his leadership. This year he got some really, really good homemade candy (white-chocolate covered Golden Grahams, pecans, cashews, and almonds) a t-shirt, a hoodie swestshirt, and a very nice poem. And probably some other stuff I just don't know about.

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