The Florida Bicentennial Bluegrass Band

Red HenryA friend from our Florida days, Jinx McCall, has just sent us some remarkable photos she took between about 1977 and 1980. Here's a look at a short-lived group, the Florida Bicentennial Bluegrass Band:

Florida Bicentennial Bluegrass Band

The band was short-lived only because it existed just to commemorate the nation's Bicentennial. We performed from about 1976 to 1979.

The leader of the group was our friend Dale Crider. In the picture he's playing his fine old Gibson guitar, and no doubt singing one of his great original songs. On bass is Linda Crider, a good singer and musician, who was then married to Dale.

On mandolin and banjo you'll no doubt recognize Murphy and myself, a few years younger than we are now. We were primarily performing full-time with our own group, Red and Murphy & Co., but we took time to play any gigs that Dale had to offer. The Florida Bicentennial Bluegrass Band (like the Bicentennial itself) didn't last for many years, but we had a good time!