A Man and his Van

Red HenryAmong the pictures which Jinx McCall sent us recently is one which brings back a lot of memories. It shows the great Florida folksinger Will McLean, relaxing and enjoying some music, attired as ever in his black stocking-cap and sitting with his old white van in the background:

Will McLean

We (Red and Murphy & Co.) recorded Will's great song "Hold Back the Waters" on a 1977 album, and Casey & Chris & the Two-Stringers made a next-generation cut of it on their own CD a few years ago. Christopher and I put two of Will's songs on our "Red and Chris" CD as well, showing our respect and love for Will and his music.

Will wore that stocking cap nearly all the time, and he must have needed it on what looks like a chilly festival morning. And he was rarely far from the old white van in the background, which after his wife Alice died was not only his transportation but also his home. A tremendously creative individual, Will no doubt was forming the words to some new original song in his head that morning, and his gentle Southern-gentleman personality seems to come right through the photo and a lapse of 30 years. We miss you, Will!

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