Another Bob Story

Murphy HenryOkay, this is about a different Bob. This is Bob from West Virginia. Guitar and bass student and friend. He’s been taking off and on (mostly on) for 15 or 20 years now and can play some really nice basic lead breaks on the guitar, breaks he comes up with all by himself. I help him occasionally with the timing.

So I’m sitting by Bob and his wife Barb at a recent bluegrass show at a new club in Winchester. The group on stage (Chris and Red Henry, Jimmy Steptoe, Wayne Lanham, Teri Chism) is singing “Angel Band.”

Me, to Bob: Do you play that yet?

Bob: No.

Me: We should work on that. It’d be a good one.

Bob takes his pen from his shirt pocket and starts writing the name of the tune in his hand.

Me, ragging on Bob: I guess that’s your Hillbilly Blackberry.

Bob, without missing a beat: No, it’s my Palm Pilot.

And I just cracked up.