Good “Banjo Manners” (2)

Red HenryYou folks might remember when I wrote, a couple of weeks ago, about a picking session with a banjo player who had really bad banjo manners. Well, I'm glad to be able to write, this time, about a session with a banjo picker who really had good Banjo Manners!

The scene was the same as before: the regular Thursday night picking session held near here. Many of the people present were the same as the last time, but there was one exception---there was a different banjo player.  And I am glad to say that this banjo picker not only was an excellent picker, but had the exact opposite manners of the one I commented on last time. This banjo player not only picked well, but LISTENED to what everybody else was playing and singing, and did whatever was appropriate to make the music work. If someone was singing, he played softly. If a guitar or mandolin break needed to be heard, he'd just do quiet little vamps, never covering up the lead. Everybody had a good time.

If you're a banjo player, please think about that. When you're picking in a group of people, ALWAYS think about the music and listen to what the others are playing and singing, and fit in the best you can. That way, folks will know you have good "Banjo Manners."

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