Casey Henry on the Grand Ole Opry

Casey HenryYes, that's right, folks. You read that headline right. I get to play on the Grand Ole Opry, for the first time ever, this Saturday, April 4th. I'll be playing banjo with Michael Martin Murphey. We're doing two spots, one on each show. We're definitely playing on the televised spot, which is 8:00 central/9:00 eastern. The second show we're on at 11:00 central/12:00 a.m. eastern. The full lineup and schedule is posted on We're also playing on the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree after the Opry.

You can tune it all in on WSM 650AM or listen online at The TV portion comes on the GAC network.

I'll be playing my Casey Henry model Kel Kroydon banjo. (I mention this because I've already been asked once and I know all you banjo-y people want to know.)

We'll be doing songs from his new CD Buckaroo Blue Grass, two songs on each spot, and both the songs, incidentally, do have banjo breaks in them.

I hope you can tune in!

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  1. banjomamas

    Congratulations, Casey!!!! I will be listening and I am sure you will play brilliantly!!!! I can’t wait to hear your breaks, and I hope your wonderful banjo is featured too. Martha Carlton

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