Jam Session Report: This Beats Doing Almost Anything Else!

Murphy HenryThree people showed up for our regular Wednesday night Misfit jam session. Susan with her Goodtime open-back banjo and Bob on bass were the regulars. (That’s west-by-God-Virginia-redneck Bob not to be confused with golf-playing non-redneck Bob who did not show up.) Sandy, on fiddle, was the newbie to this gathering, but not to jamming because she is one of my Fiddle Sisters and was also part of an earlier group of Misfits. I, as always, played guitar. Logan, 16, who had come earlier for his lesson (he’s learning Redwing at his request), could not stay for the fun and games because he had gotten behind in his homework. We busted him for that, and told him not to let it happen again! However, we gamely carried on without him.

Our song list went something like this ri-chere:
Cripple Creek (in G)
John Hardy (in G)
I Saw the Light (sung by Bob in G)
Salt Creek (solo by Susan in G)
Old Joe Clark (in A)
Two Dollar Bill (sung by Bob in A)
Foggy Mountain Breakdown

By then a whole hour had gone by! But I wanted to play some twin fiddle with Sandy, so Bob kindly took over on guitar and Sandy and I played some of our “hits” from the past: Faded Love, Golden Slippers, and Down Yonder. It was so much fun to revisit these numbers! I guess Sandy and I haven’t played bluegrass together in way over a year, maybe two years. (She’s been slumming, playing Celtic fiddle. Reading music! I slummed too, on guitar, when she had a paying gig last summer!)

When we at last had to put our instruments up and call it a night, Sandy uttered the words that give this Blog its title: “This beats doing almost anything else!” You said it, Sandy!