Clawhammer Vol. 2 Now on DVD

Red HenryFolks, there's good news today from the Murphy Method: Our Clawhammer Banjo Vol. 2 DVDs have come in! This excellent DVD is taught by Lynn Morris, and she explains complex techniques including double-thumbing in our trademark note-by-note, step-by-step style.

Here are the lessons on this DVD, all taught in the double-thumbing style:

1. Old Molly Hare

2. Melody to "The Black Pony"

3. Soldier's Joy

4. Yellow Rose of Texas

5. Turkey in the Straw

These lessons are a fun challenge to those of you who've gone through Lynn's Clawhammer Volume 1! As always, Lynn explains everything completely and leaves NOTHING to chance. More info about this brand-new DVD is here.

For those of you who made advance orders, your DVDs were shipped out today! for everyone else, we have them available now!

See you at the festivals!

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