Off to Camp

Casey HenryToday is the first day of Banjo Camp North 2009 in Groton, Mass. This is my second year teaching at this event. This camp is one where lots of different workshops are offered simultaneously and students can choose which to attend. I'm teaching on subjects such as "Vamping and Beginning Backup," "Playing Up The Neck for Beginners," "Playing in Waltz Time," "What to do in a Jam Session," and "Scruggs-style Backup." Camps like this are the perfect place to work out material for future DVD releases. I'll be trying out some material in the Scruggs-style backup class that may make it onto our next banjo video. I'll have a full report next week.

I have to say, events like this make me wish I had an iphone (12 days and counting...) so I wouldn't have to lug my whole computer up there in order to check my email every day!

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    From BCN—a great time is being had by all. Got to hear Eric Weissberg talk about when he was a little boy going and taking banjo classes from Pete Seeger at Pete’s Manhattan basement apartment on Saturday mornings. And he played “Dueling Banjos” at the staff concert. That was pretty cool. Got to jam with Mac Benford last night. That was cool, too! Everyone really seemed to like my tune “Real Women Drive Trucks,” which I played on Friday night’s show. Flying back home tonight.


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