Girl Jams vs. Boy Jams

Casey HenryLast night our jam group At Least We're Hot got together and picked. Our jams have been somewhat more irregular than we'd like lately due to the occurance of big life events (marriage, birth, divorce, graduation) but now that those are past, for the most part, we hope to resume our weekly schedule. We gathered at Connie's house in the woods and were greeted with a lovely spread of vegis and hummus, cheese and crackers, fruit, cookies, and, later, Oreo pie.

This sparked a discussion of how girl jams are different from boy jams. I did an entire paper on this topic in college, but that focused mostly on how the jam participants interact with each other in the jam itself. This particular discussion focused more on the incidentals. Such as: whereas we usually have snacks and drinks at our jams, if boys have food at their jams at all it will likely be beer and an open bag of Doritos.

After one of our early jams at our bass player Janice's house, Kelley (our guitar girl) happened to mention to her husband Ned when she got back home that Janice's candles had smelled nice and that her clothes still kinda had that smell. His reaction was, "You have candles at your jam?"

One other thing that we have at our jam that I've honestly never seen at a boy jam is a baby. Julie's 3-month old daughter Eva accompanied her mother and we tried our best not to get distracted by Eva's cuteness. She's a pretty good baby, but what with the nursing and your run of the mill being-fussy-because-someone-is-not-holding-me, Julie got to play maybe 30% of the songs we did while she was there. What women will do in order to be able to exercise their picking chops!

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