Casey HenryIn the course of rearranging my office today I moved some boxes containing my high school notebooks. I started looking through some of them and happened to see, on the back of a page from my 11th grade (1994) Algebra II notes, five and a half measures of banjo tablature. I had written out the first part of "Foggy Mountain Breakdown." I must have been really bored!

Also ran across these notes in my daily schedule:

"Stuart - what's a moon harp" A question for Stuart Duncan. I was listening to his solo album, Stuart Duncan, at the time and he is listed in the notes as playing one.

"Bela - Who's That Knockin' lick" A question for Bela Fleck about his break on that song, which he recorded with the Dreadful Snakes (I had their one and only album on LP). I don't remember whether I ever figured out that lick or not.

"Trischka - Groundspeed lick" with the further notation "got it!" Tony recorded Groundspeed on the album he did with Bela called Solo Banjo Works. It's one of my favorite banjo albums ever and I still use that lick!

And, on a totally unrelated note, I'm selling my fifteen-passenger van, if you know anyone who could use one. It's listed on Craigslist here. Check it out!