A Couple Station Inn Shows

Casey HenryQuebe Sisters at the Station Inn(Note: apologies for the lack of pictures here...we're moving servers and are working out the kinks! Thanks for your patience!) A couple weeks back I went to the Station Inn to hear a group that I'd never heard before--the Quebe Sisters. They are a trio of sisters from Texas who play triple fiddles and sing in tight Andrews-Sisters-like harmony. They do western swing music and are stunningly good. Eddie Stubbs (WSM deejay, Opry announcer, former Johnson Mountain Boys fiddler) is crazy about them, and when Eddie goes gaga over a group, you know they are something special. I bought their newest CD, "Timeless," and found it to be just as good as their stage show. The band consists of three fiddles, a guitar, and a bass, and yet such sparse instrumentation sounds rich and full. You never miss any other instruments. Visit their website and check them out and if they ever play in your area, don't miss it!

Chris Henry at the Station InnLater that same week my brother Chris came to town and played at the Station Inn. It was really a Shawn Camp show, and it was great, though I thought they should have let Chris do more of his own songs. He sang one song in the first set--a newer composition called "She's Got My Number But She Don't Know How to Call" (or something along those lines). The audience always loves it when he sings and it adds some nice variety to the show. (In the photo, left to right: Aubrey Haynie, Charlie Cushman, Shawn Camp, Chris Henry, Mike Bub.)