Upcoming Murphy Method DVDs

Red HenryWe've had several inquiries lately about which of our old videotapes we'll be converting soon to DVD. Actually, the possibilities are more and more limited, since almost all of our old videos are either converted or on the way! We're already brought out seven DVDs in 2009!

Here are the DVD projects we're working on for the rest of the year:

1. Great Banjo Tunes (was “Advanced Banjo”): These DVDs should be here in about a week.

2. Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Vol.2 (was "Basic Bluegrass Runs on Guitar Vol. 2):  Also due in about a week.

3. More Advanced Earl: This DVD is actually all ready to go, but the music publishers are dallying about sending us the licenses we've asked for. We hope to have the required licenses, and the DVDs pressed, within the next two months.

4. Rawhide and Other Banjo Favorites: This project's in the same situation as More Advanced Earl. As soon as we have the music licenses, we'll send the DVD off to be pressed!

When these projects are in our hands, that will make eleven DVDs we’ve brought out this year!

If you have any questions about our DVD conversion schedule, feel free to write us via the "Contact Us" function on the Murphy Method website. We'll answer any questions we can!