Do you REALLY want to learn to play?

Red Henry

Red Henry

Over and over again for the last 40 years, I've heard people say, "I'd give ANYTHING to be able to play music like that." I try to say something appreciative in return, but I wonder if the speaker is serious.

I've spent a lot of hours and life-energy learning to play. Every professional-level performer has done that. I started playing bluegrass at age 18, and I spent a lot of hours playing every day at it for the next several years, just to learn to pick. How many casual listeners would actually have done that, in order to play bluegrass?

If you are learning to play, be serious about it. You don't have to play for six hours a day (few of us have as much time as teenagers do), but you do need to play some every day if you possibly can. Fifteen minutes a day is better than two hours on Saturday. Don't let your instrument start feeling strange to your fingers---play as often as you can, even if it's just for a short time. That's the way to keep learning. And once you do start learning, you can keep learning for the rest of your life!

You don't have to "give ANYTHING" to learn to play, but you do need to give something each day. Good picking!

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