Susan’s Second Real Jam

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

Here is Susan’s report on her second visit to another “not-slow” jam that our friends David and Linda Lay host a few roads over from us at their vegetable stand. She says:

-I played in the back and did much better this time.

-The tunes were mostly in A, some in G.

-I was able to execute some rolls. (Take that any way you like!)

-I even put in a tag lick or two on one of the slower tunes.

-There were fewer actual pickers tonight, but the audience was packed!!

-There were 2 banjos (I was one); 2 mandolins; 3 fiddles; 1 bass; lots of guitars.

-I had heard of one of the tunes, “Nine Pound Hammer,” so I will have to get Casey's DVD out and learn that one.

When I was leaving, I went in the building to get some peaches and another jam was going on in the store with none other than “Fireball Mail” being picked by a banjo player (boy) who could not have been over 14. I was so excited to hear a tune I knew that I headed straight over there, banjo hanging around my neck, putting my picks back on as I went. I vamped to the end, which did not take long since I had entered the fray in the middle of the tune. They played more tunes, and I vamped along.

Finally it dawned on me that I was playing with a bunch of kids - again the oldest might have been 14. There was a little mandolin player (boy), about 8 years old, tearing some tune up, who saw me and inched his way over, never missing a note of his lead. When he was within ear shot, he called out, "Wanna break?" I did not know the tune---they were playing really fast, I could hardly keep up just vamping---so I declined, but was very much honored to have been asked. These kids were fantastic. In addition to the boys on banjo and mandolin there was a 13-year-old boy on guitar and 2 girls on fiddle who looked to be about 12 and 14, and me, 59 years old, on the Goodtime and having such a good time! Ain't jammin’ great?! I'm so glad I went!


Way to go, Susan! This is how you learn to play: jump in the fray!

4 thoughts on “Susan’s Second Real Jam

  1. admin

    If you want that DVD for half price, you can still get it until midnight on Monday (August 31st)!



  2. Susan Morrison

    Thanks, Casey, but I already bought it when it first came out in the spring – how are you coming on “Bugal Call Rag” on the CD for me? (Did you get the email requesting that?) Susan

  3. Steve (in Japan)

    Susan, try “Give Me That Old-Time Religion” and “Redwing.” They’re great custom made DVD lessons. Ask Casey about them.

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