Me and Mama Play Scrabble

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

I’ll probably blog about the Misfit Jam tonight, but just in case I don’t, I wanted to share a few comments that Mama made while we were playing Scrabble this weekend. (These comments are especially for you, Marty, since you get such a kick out of them!)

I will preface these by saying that all her long life, for all of her 84 years, Mama has managed to bury her competitive streak so deeply that I didn’t even know she had one! (Although others might be quick to point out that it probably leapt right into me on the day of my birth! Ditto the rest of my sisters!) So that’s one thing that makes these remarks so funny to me. And they are all said in a completely deadpan manner.

Murphy to Mama: “Now you’re ahead of me.”

Mama: “Good, good, good. That’s the way I like it.”

Murphy to Mama, after Mama has made a small score: “You’re still ahead of me.”
Mama: “That makes me feel better. It certainly does.”

Murphy to Mama after she makes another small score: “You’re still ahead.”

No comment from Mama. I think maybe she didn’t hear me. So I say, “Plus you messed up my word.”

Mama: “Good. That makes it even better.”

And now one poignant comment:

Mama had the Q and was studying the board long and hard, trying to figure out a way to use the U that was down. It couldn’t be done. So I said, “I’ll put down a U that you can use.” So on my next play, I put down “dune” with an easily-accessible U. So I say to Mama, “Here’s a U you can use.”
She says, “What do I need a U for?” Sigh....

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the time to spend playing Scrabble with Mama. I’m building memories.

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  1. Murphy

    OK, so I didn’t blog about the jam. But just wanted to say Susan played Sally Goodwin, high and low, for the first time in a group and did quite well. Go Susan! And Logan. Wow! He did some improvs to John Hardy (a C lick in second position) that made me so happy tears came into my eyes. Really. And then he improvised a whole break to Fireball Mail after hearing Susan play it. (Of course, he’s heard it before.) For his second break, he played it up the neck! Did it sound like Earl? No. Did it sound like Logan? YES! It was great. And Josh came through with several breaks on mandolin and fiddle. So we were small in number but stout in performance. And yes, Bobby, we wouldn’t have sounded nearly as good without your strong bass!

  2. rpcondon

    Oh! You’ve sent me into a nostalgic tailspin! My Grandmother and Mom were total Scrabble champs and taught us well. We as young Pre-teens had commandeered the board one day and one of the players wanted to get a ruling on a word she had in mind. We all followed her into the room of adults whereupon she inquired at large, “Is there such a word as whore?” The room audibly gasped and stared at us stunned. Unphased, my Mom deadpanned, “Why yes. Do you mean h-o-a-r as in the frost, or h-o-e-r as in one who hoes a garden?” She actually had a couple more to the amazement and amusement of all the adults. Us kds returned to our Scrabble posts scratching our heads and going, “I thought it was something dirty!”. Good times.
    And oh…I’ve got the first part of “Banjo In The Hollow” and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thanks, Murphy.

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