Peeling up the Asphalt: A Florida-Georgia Trip

Red Henry

Red Henry

Folks, I'm just back from a music trip to Florida and Georgia, and it was a blast.

On Saturday our festival group, Red & Chris and Their All-Star Band (myself, Christopher, Jenny Obert, John Hedgecoth, and Barbara Johnson) performed at the Great Hahira Pick-In. Now, that may look like a strange name for a bluegrass festival, but an excellent one, which Murphy and I used to play, was put on there for 16 years back in the 1980's and 90's. This was a one-time revival of those old shows, and it drew a very large crowd. Along with doing quite a bit of original music, we found that we could do more hard-core Monroe bluegrass for the crowd than we usually can at a bluegrass show, so we piled on the rarely-heard old stuff: Stoney Lonesome. Close By. Brown County Breakdown. Rawhide (not as rare, but just as hard-core if played right). The band and the audience all had a great time.

This festival had an excellent hospitality tent for the performers. Now folks, that is a great thing. When you've been playing on stage, selling CDs, visiting with dozens of people, and generally being on your feet for a long time, it's really nice to be able to sit down and have a good meal. Thanks, folks!

At Hahira it was a pleasure to visit again with Marty Raybon, whose family band, American Bluegrass Express, played many of the same festivals we did in the Southeast 25 and 30 years ago. It was a special treat that Marty's brother Tim was there too. Tim's a nice guy and good musician who fillled in with us on bass for a weekend long ago.

After playing our second set we sold some CDs, packed up our stuff, and headed to Gainesville, Florida for a show the next day.

Next time-- Sunday!


PS-- Barry Hyatt has posted an 8-minute clip of our festival set on YouTube (the date was actually November 7th, but that's OK!):

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Began playing mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and banjo in 1967-69. I married Murphy in 1974. We led the Red & Murphy bluegrass band, playing professionally, from 1975-87. Since then I've handled the technical side of Murphy Method cassette, videotape, and DVD production. When you call I usually answer the phone, and I'm normally the one who sends out the orders.

3 thoughts on “Peeling up the Asphalt: A Florida-Georgia Trip

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    Red, I checked out the above YouTube link and it was very good. There’s also another one, about 35 seconds, and I thinks that’s you singing High on a Mountain.” Both clips are very good. Also, I learned the story behind the greeting, “Hey, Hira,” and that could be how the city of Hahira, GA got it’s name. Do you go along with that?

  2. Red Henry

    Steve, Glad you liked the clips. I hadn’t ever heard about how Hahira was named, but that makes sense to me!


  3. Dave

    Red, I watched the youtube video and enjoyed it a lot. Does your group like to play for the fun of playing? My wife and I own a restaurant in the Ray City area and I think it would be great if you could come out and stretch your strings. You may be familiar with the place…. It is now called “The Lighthouse Grill” but it used to be called “The Silver Dollar” and the “R and R Club” after that. We have a 1200 sq ft deck on the side of the building and we sit on 1.5 acres…. That should be plenty of room. When the weather warms, it may be alot of fun. We are a struggling business so I may not be able to do more than burgers and drinks for the group… or something like that. Check out our website and please get back to us…. Thanks, Dave

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