Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day16

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Yesterday was a long drive from Texas to Arkansas. It took us about nine and a half hours total. I had a difference of opinion with the GPS, which took us on an indirect, but mostly interstate route, passing by Dallas, where we ran into slow traffic, of course. I wanted to go the very direct but slightly smaller road route, which would have saved gas if not time. Oh how enslaved we have become to this device that is supposed to make our lives easier.

We stopped at a buffet-style restaurant called Sam’s for lunch. It had the most hideous gift shop I’d ever seen, full of stinky candles and tacky “personalized” souvenirs. We were forced to wait there for five or ten minutes until they seated us. Brandi later speculated that it’s probably a marketing plan to make people to spend time in the gift shop so they’ll be more likely to buy something. Because there were plenty of empty tables.

My first crocheting attempt.

My first crocheting attempt.

Rachel showed me how to crochet and I made good, if uneven, progress on a red scarf. (I know it doesn’t look red in this picture.) By the time we made it to Ft. Smith, Arkansas, we were all very ready to be out of the van. Rachel joined up with Clay Hess, Cory Walker, and Jacob Eller from Sierra’s band and ventured out to the Choctaw casino, where she watched them win some money, and lose some money. Playing at the casino tonight are the Dan Tyminski Band, the Grascals, and Earl Scruggs. Can’t we just stay here and watch them play???

Jeremy and I sought out the local mexican restaurant where margaritas and guacamole erased our travel fatigue. On our walk there we spotted a coffee shop that looked promising for breakfast. This morning after my workout I walked down there, bringing my laptop and planning to blog from there. What a surprise to find that they are CLOSED on SATURDAYS!! What kind of coffeehouse is closed on Saturday morning? The kind in Ft. Smith, apparently.

Tonight we play in Fayetteville, AR. Hopefully everyone from there won’t be driving down here to hear Earl play!

This is just too weird. It says it has "natural flavor and certified color." What the heck does that mean--certified color??

This is just too weird. I saw it in a Texas convenience store. It says it has "natural flavor and certified color." What the heck does that mean--certified color??

P.S. - Here is the link to by second weekly report on the tour for the Bluegrass Blog.

4 thoughts on “Dixie Bee-Liners American Revival Tour-Day16

  1. Jon

    Beer and clamato is rilly big in Canada, or at least Ontario, as I learned while touring with April V. a couple of years ago. The weird part, then, is seeing a pre-packaged version of a Canadian fave in a Texas convenience store. Well, ok, it *is* a weird combo, but you get my point. Is there some enclave of snowbirds in the area?!

  2. Steve (in Japan)

    “Certifide color” means it’s a “man-made” color additive that’s been approved by the FDA. There’re supposed to be nine “certifide colors” on the FDA’s list from which a whole bunch of colors can be mixed.

  3. Casey

    Huh. I wonder why they chose to label it that way on the front of the can, since just about every other sugary “juice” drink has that kind of dye in it, too?

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