Special Holiday Packages available Starting Today

elfThis year, for the first time, we've decided to offer some package deals on our DVDs for the holiday season. Each of these three-DVD sets comes with a free gift---a copy of The Dixie Bee-Liners new CD Susanville. All of these packages will give you enough to work on for a good many months, maybe until next December. The beginning sets are perfect to accompany a new instrument, if anyone is so lucky as to be getting one under the tree this year. You can get each package for the special sale price of $70, plus $3 shipping.

Although Casey plays with The Dixie Bee-Liners, she's not on this CD, having joined the band too late. We're trying to give the band some good promotion, and Murphy has this to say about the CD: "I REALLY like this Susanville CD, even though Casey is not playing banjo on it! Brandi and Buddy are killer songwriters, who come up with excellent lyrics and unusual melodies. My current fave from the CD is "Truck Stop Baby" but "Heavy"--with the line "I act strange but honey, you're downright perverse"--is right up there in my Top Two. And then of course there is the gearjamming "Road Hog!" The whole CD is just good listening. And, it's FREE!"

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