Happy Birthday to Earl

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday dear Earl,

Happy Birthday to you!!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is the big day, Earl's birthday. Born in the year of '24, that makes him 86 and still going strong. I thought it would be a good time to pause and reflect where we would be without Earl. Without Earl, Don Reno might have ended up as Bill Monroe's banjo player when he got back from the Army and bluegrass would look entirely different. Would it even exist!?? Without Earl, Ralph Stanley might never have learned the three-finger roll. Without Earl I might have ended up becoming a doctor, like I had fully intended to do until I started playing the banjo. Heck, I might not even exist, since my parents met at a bluegrass festival! Yikes. So let me say a big huge thank you to Earl for everything that you did and continue to do. The world is a better place for having you and your banjo in it!

So tell us, loyal readers, where you you be without Earl?

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Earl

  1. Martin Bacon

    And there are “hundreds of dollars to be made in bluegrass” which is more than you might make in this day and age as a doctor:-)

  2. steve burris

    Thanks to Earl i have alot less money and more banjo’s than i need. Earl has changed the way i look at music and you and your mother has shown me that an old clod hopper can play the banjo.

  3. G. Ennis

    I would not be near as happy as I am anytime Bluegrass is on the radio. And I would have a few less friends because they would not have been introduced to his wonderful playing.

  4. george (alaska)

    I would not of known the wonderful joy of playing the banjo or may not of played music at all! Earl’s playing has changed the way I listen to music like there has got to be a lick in there somewhere! God Bless Earl Scruggs!

  5. Myrna

    Yay Both Earl and Casey are Capricorns! Girl go grap your banjo and pick happy birthday to you’uns!!

  6. Darlene

    I would be without my idol since the 60’s and without my inspiration to learn to play the banjo at all. I am humbled at the innovation, influence, and ability of my idol, Earl Scruggs. God Bless You Brother Earl & Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

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