5 DVDs for $89 Telephone Sale

5for89By now you may have heard of our sale either through our monthly newsletter or on our website, but we believe in market saturation, so you're hearing about it here on our blog as well.

This is a TELEPHONE sale. You call us, order any FIVE DVDs and they only cost $89 (plus $6 shipping). 800-227-2357

If you don't know what you want, go browse around for a while and get some ideas.

This offer is only good through the end of February, so get crackin'!

The reason this is a telephone only sale is that to do it on the website we'd have to get our website programmer involved, because none of us here knows how to change the price in funny ways and make it come out right in the shopping cart. Over the phone we can sell anything for any price we want. So that's what we're doing.