Earl’s Breakdown Custom Lesson

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

I've just finished with a custom lesson on the walk-down break and high break for "Earl's Breakdown". The first break for the tune is taught on More Advanced Earl, with the tuner section and everything, so this lesson is intended to be supplementary. You have to do the More Advanced Earl lesson first, then use this lesson to add on the variations. It joins the rest of the songs I have available immediately as custom lessons ($30 apiece). You can get them from me directly by emailing me, if you're interested. (themurphymethod@gmail.com)

One thought on “Earl’s Breakdown Custom Lesson

  1. Susan

    thank you, Thank You, T H A N K Y O U, Casey!!! They are such cool breaks, and I can not wait to play them (even if my playing is at less than break neck speed)!

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