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Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Someone just emailed me this inquiry:

I just purchased your first beginner's video a few weeks ago and think it is great.  I'm 73 and trying to learn the banjo.  The first three songs went pretty well and I can play them although not smoothly yet.  I'm struggling with Foggy Mt. Breakdown but I will get it eventually.

Now I see your promotion for 5 videos for $89 and I'm wondering which ones to order.  The second beginner's video is certainly on the list but I'm looking for some suggestions for the other 4.   If you have time to think about this and recommend 4 others I would appreciate it.

It occurred to me that others may be wondering the same thing, so I'll post my answer here for all to see:

If you're going to go for five I'd recommend Banjo for Misfits, Beginning Banjo Vol. 2, Vamping, Slow Jam with Murphy and Casey, and Improvising (or Jam Session Standards). That will give you plenty to work on, plus you'll get the backup (vamping) and be able to practice along with the Slow Jam disc. Murphy wrote a good blog post (here) about the best order to do the songs, and you might pick up some pointers from that, too.

Remember the sale ends on Februray 28th, so call us soon!

3 thoughts on “Good Question

  1. Martin Bacon

    What about skipping Volume 2 at first and getting, “Hearing Chord Changes” (unless of course you already have a good musical background?


  2. Casey

    Hey Marty,

    I actually had forgotten about Hearing Chord Changes, and that’s a good alternative to put in place of Beginning Banjo Vol 2 in the above list, especially if that’s something that gives you trouble.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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