Today: Shooting A New DVD!

Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry

Apologies for not blogging on Thursday. Here’s my excuse: Casey arrived Wednesday night! Today (Friday) we start shooting a brand-new banjo DVD which she will be teaching. It’s chock full of all those fancy Scruggs backup licks you’ve been wanting to learn. They will all be taught note-by-note and then incorporated into a real song, so you can play along with us (I’ll be on guitar) until you feel ready to try them in a jam.

So, on Wednesday, what were we doing that interfered with my writing this all-important blog? Were we sitting around playing banjos? Were we discussing the upcoming DVD? No, we were not. First there was supper. Coming straight out of my lessons at 8 p.m., I managed to cobble together a “chick meal”–-baked sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, avocado slices, and some of Casey’s homemade bread—since real meal of chicken and rice I’d planned on cooking was still in the raw stage. So it goes. Then, satiated, we retired to the sanctity of the TV room to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary! We love that movie!

And now, time’s up and I need to go upstairs and eat breakfast (Casey is fixing stell-cut oatmeal!) and get into my DVD clothes.

But first, a quick non-bluegrass story.

Yesterday morning I headed into town to run some errands. I stopped by Tom’s Market (our local Citgo station) for some gas. When I got back in the car, the day was so bright, I reached for my sunglasses. Drat! I couldn’t find them. Must have left them in the house I thought. As I drove, I tried to envision where I might have pulled them off and set them down. I felt very annoyed (or v. annoyed, as Bridget would write). I checked all the places in the car they might be. Nada.

Then I thought of checking my old sunglasses holder, which is actually too small to fit my new sunglasses. (Exact same brand and number, only slightly “improved,” doggone it.) Well, my new sunglasses weren’t there, but my old ones (with the broken earpiece) were. They’ll do, I thought. I took them out and put them on. Or rather, I tried to put them on. They fit right over my glasses and they weren’t going on too well. In that moment I realized, surprise, surprise: I already had my sunglasses on! And didn’t realize it!

Naturally I called Casey to tell her, but was laughing so hard I could barely get the story out. She was properly appreciative.

Alright. That’s all you get for a nickel, as we say here. Send good thoughts for a excellent day of shooting this DVD!

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  1. admin

    Yes. Fancy Scruggs style backup. Don’t yet know what the official title will be, but that’s what’ll be on it!


  2. Steve Fehr

    Well…you can take the gray out of the hair but you can’t take the …aww heck never mind…I forgot already.

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