Survey Says…

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey about banjo workshops that was included with this month’s newsletter. I thought you might be interested in what the results looked like.

111 people responded.

88% would be interested in attending a Murphy Method banjo workshop.

Here’s how the playing levels broke down:

Beginner: 27%
Beginner/Intermediate: 38%
Intermediate: 24%
Intermediate/Advanced: 9%
Advanced: one very confident person.

Mostly y’all just seem to be interested in banjo, but 27% might attend a workshop for guitar, with mandolin, fiddle, and bass coming in behind at around 13% each.

But the best part was that fully fifty people gave us comments in the comments box. It is clear that we will not be able to satisfy everyone (not that we ever thought we could…) since we had an equal number of requests for a weekend workshop and a week-long workshop. Also numerous were requests for workshops in other areas of the country. That may be a long time coming, but a workshop in Winchester is in the planning stages, likely for early next year sometime, once the danger of snow has passed. Details will be forthcoming as soon as I get off my butt and plan the thing, but I can tell you at this point it will likely be a weekend (three day) camp with a small number of students, and it will definitely focus a LOT on jamming and playing with other people. As soon as we know more you will all be the first to know!

If you missed the survey in the newsletter but would like to add your opinion, just fill it out right here.

3 thoughts on “Survey Says…

  1. Susan Morrison

    GREAT !!! I wondered how the survey turned out! 3 Days is perfect; everything after that is useless because my brain has turned to mush by then. I like the idea of having those little mini-workships in the afternoon so that we can try out different instruments. I coud use some work on the mando and fiddle. Now just don’t make those T-shirts red! That little red logo is fine, but us blonds don’t look good in red. 🙂

  2. Martin Bacon

    Sign me up. Any color T-shirt is good for me. It won’t look good on me anyway.

  3. martha carlton

    I am so thrilled to hear about the possible three day workshop. I will definitely attend, especially since you want to plan it after the danger of snow is past. I think it will be so much fun to play with other Murphy Method students.

    When you have the plans made, I will try to interest the young girls from Bethesda, MD to come too. I know they would love it. it would do them so much good too.

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