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Casey Henry

I write this from the kitchen table of my grandparents' house in Clarkesville, Georgia. I spent all of yesterday picking blackberries and making jelly, and completely forgetting to blog. So, I offer another video clip from YouTube. This, as I say in the introduction, is an arrangement of a lullaby Grandmother used to sing to us when we were little. I recorded it on my Real Women Drive Trucks CD.

8 thoughts on “Another New Video from YouTube

  1. martha carlton

    I love the little lullaby!!! Does it have words? I think I would like to learn it.

  2. Martin Bacon

    Great job Casey, I’m a sucker for lullabies. Inquiring minds want to know the lyrics. In keeping with your theme, I also enjoyed listening to Huckleberries. Real Women Drive Trucks is a great banjo CD.


  3. Steve (in Japan)

    Yes, extremely well done. Casey, your There’s a Little Cabin is a top-shelf arrangement. Your left hand positionings are just remarkable. Thank you, teacher.

  4. Steve (in Japan)

    Just in case there’s misunderstanding, in my comment above where I wrote, “Thank you, teacher,” I am thanking Casey for posting this video clip. She’s the banjo teacher.

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