Take it Easy (Flying and Picking #15)

Have you ever taken several days (or weeks) off from your music, and then tried to get back in practice? Every musician I know has done this. And as you have found out, sometimes it isn't easy!

As many of you Gentle Readers know, I've been learning to fly and recently got my license. I've been flying regularly for several months, when the weather permitted. Flying takes practice, just like music. But I recently took several days off, and so now I'll start getting back in practice-- I have a short flight scheduled today to practice some landings, and then I'll make a cross-country flight on Sunday to freshen up my ability to navigate to airports far from home. I didn't want to take off on that cross-country flight "cold," as you might call it. I wanted to get a shorter flight to warm up with first.

Music's the same way. When you've taken several days off, don't expect to dive in for several hours and get it back all at once. That can lead to a lot of frustration. Instead, "gentle" yourself into it by practicing a half-hour or hour each day for a while. You'll find your playing ability coming back without having to strain. And when you've had a few of those short practices, your fingers and brain will be ready for longer sessions when you can really start soaking up music again. Don't worry-- the music will come back. Just take it easy.

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