When My Mama Sang To Me

Many of you may be familiar with this song, which Murphy wrote years ago and performed regularly on stage as part of the Red and Murphy set. This is the recording we made of it, I think from the first Red and Murphy and Their Excellent Children album. Murphy on banjo and lead vocal, Red on mandolin and baritone vocal, Casey on bass and tenor vocal, Chris on guitar. (Click on the title to listen.)

When My Mama Sang To Me

4 thoughts on “When My Mama Sang To Me

  1. Red Henry


    Yes, our two RMEC projects, “Granny Don’t Dance” and “My Dixie Home”, were released only on cassette tapes. However, I am transcribing them now into the computer in the hope that we might release them again in some form, perhaps posting them for download along with our other albums.

    Some of the numbers from the two cassettes are already on CDs: ‘Granite Hill’ and ‘Lonesome Moonlight Waltz’ are on my first CD, and the family-band cut of ‘Hundred and Six Star Rag’ is included on “Helton Creek”. Also, Murphy released Chris’s tune ‘Leatherjackets’ on her “M&M Blues” CD.


  2. Martin Bacon

    Hi Red,
    Thanks. I will be the first to buy them when they are available. I keep threatening to make you up a best of Red and Murphy CD. There are a lot of really good tunes on those LP’s.


  3. Susan Morrison

    Such a fitting tune. I will be the 2nd to buy the CD or download or whatever is decided.

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