I Will Still Remember You

Murphy Henry

I think if I post just one more blog about Mama I can then move on to more banjo related subjects. Thanks for your understanding.

This is a poem my niece Natalie wrote about Mama, her grandmother. (Natalie is the younger sister of Caroline whose essay about Mama I posted earlier.) Nat wrote this last year when she was a junior in high school. I thought it was so poignant and so well written. I have taken the liberty of adding a title.

I Will Still Remember You

When I was little
You sang me to sleep
Every night the same songs
Now I’m the one
Singing to you
You don’t remember
Those precious lyrics anymore

These days I read to you
Not the other way around
But when the story’s over
You don’t remember how it began

Our old favorite card games
Are painful to play
I used to cry
Because I could never beat you
Now you have no clue what to do
With those cards in your hands

You used to make
The most delicious cakes
You must have made
A million or more
Now a recipe you once
Knew by heart
You have forgotten

Every time we sat down to eat
You prayed YOUR prayer
Now you stumble and forget
Those once familiar words

You don’t remember that
You’ve lived in this house
For over 50 years
You pack your bags
And ask to go home
But you are home!
Don’t you remember?
I spent my childhood here
I remember.

You’re growing younger everyday,
While I’m growing up
Watching your memory fade.
Will you forget my name
As easily as you forgot
These things of my childhood?

But if you do
I won’t be mad.
For I will still
Remember you.

- Natalie Pate, 2009