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Casey Henry

I'm posting this picture because my mom asked me to, and I always do what my mother asks. (Okay, almost always, but I swear it's like 98% of the time!) I went to the IBMA Awards show this year with friends since no other family members were going. We went out for a stellar meal beforehand at the Nashville restaurant Flyte. Also in our group was Megan's mom Maria, who deserves credit for taking this picture:

Joe Smart, Casey Henry, Megan Lynch, David Thomas

Joe Smart, Casey Henry, Megan Lynch, David Thomas

Later on in the week, on Saturday of FanFest in fact, I ran into the awesome and talented Missy Raines in the hallway while I happened to be wearing her new t-shirt design.

Missy Raines and Casey Henry

Here we are: Missy Raines and Casey Henry (Photo credit: Ben Surratt)

Today while I was searching around YouTube I found that someone has posted a new video of the Dixie Bee-Liners from the show we played in Abingdon, Va., on September 11th. This is my tune "Leroy and Liza."

I also found three more videos of the band, to which I'll just post links, since they don't have ALL that much of me in them. The first two are from the showcase we played in the Acoustic Trail Listening Room at IBMA in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Here's Buddy and Brandi singing "Long Time Gone"

And here's Sav singing "Dream of a Miner's Child"

This last one is from a fan at the Cropredy festival that we played in England in August. We're on stage and you can hear us very well, but what he actually shows is quite random and kinda silly. It contains snippets of quite a few of the songs from our set. Here's that link.

5 thoughts on “IBMA Pictures and Videos

  1. Casey's mom

    Yes, it’s true. Casey does what I tell her, like, 98% of the time. That’s why she turned out so well! (This sounds like something MY mother would say, bless her sweet little heart.) But the reason this really works it that long ago, I learned NOT TO TELL HER WHAT TO DO. (And sometimes I even remember that!)

    But, hey, it is a GREAT picture!!!

  2. Martin Bacon

    That is practically blogging under an assumed name. Casey probably already knows that it’s that other 2% of the time that gets you into trouble.
    When my patients ask me what they should do, I can usually fairly reliably say “Well, what would your Mama tell you to do?”

  3. Steve (in Japan)

    Yes, bravo, Casey, great banjo pickin’ there at Abingdon, VA. I enjoyed watching and listening to the two clips of the Dixie Bee-Liners from the listening room at IBMA 2010. The 3rd link is great too, and good show, good show as they might say over there. BTW, if anyone hasn’t seen the 3rd link yet, the Dixie Bee-Liners start at 3:03 in this clip. They end when you see a sign that reads “Traditional Fish and Chips.”

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