Oh Look! Facebook!

Casey Henry

Well, lookie here. We're on Facebook! In all honesty there's nothing there to look at yet, but we'll be adding stuff in the coming days and weeks. So go look at the page and like us, and tell your friends to like us, or whatever it is you're supposed to do on Facebook. We're not really too sure exactly what you're supposed to do over on Facebook yet, but we're tying to figure it out!

3 thoughts on “Oh Look! Facebook!

  1. Augie at Common Ground Stable

    Will you have the same stuff on your blog as you put on Facebook? I’m curious because the blog folks who are not on Facebook don”t want to miss the good stuff that you guys have to share.

  2. Susan

    …I’ll second what “Augie” just said, and I too have no clue what/how to do Facebook. Maybe a lil clue or two in the blog about how to do this could ease our entry into the unknown.

  3. admin

    Oh, no. Our mission is not to help other people use Facebook. Our missing is to get the people who are already ON Facebook to buy our stuff! Or at the very least, make their way over to our blog. Right now there are some pictures there that aren’t on the blog, but nothing of significance. Besides, you can look at everything on the MM page without actually having a Facebook account. Though if you want to comment, then you have to be signed in.


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