November at the Murphy Method

Red Henry

Folks, this time of year we take some deep breaths and start getting ready for the busy days of December. This is the time when I order duplication supplies and mailers and boxes for shipping, because it sure is easier to order them now (and get them fast) than it would be to wait another three or four weeks! I'm staying busy right now, stocking up on our DVDs in anticipation of our busy time coming up. Also, this is a good time for special projects such as our new Murphy Method page on Facebook, which we set up a few days ago.

We've had a few folks express concern that the Facebook page would distract us from this blog. Believe me, that won't happen. This blog is our primary way to communicate with all of you out there, and there's a lot more info about us and our DVDs on this website than Facebook would ever have room for! So if you aren't on Facebook, don't worry about missing out on anything. You can read all the Murphy Method news right here on the blog.

Speaking of getting ready for the Christmas season, we'll be running a sale for at least part of December (I'd tell you all about it now, but we haven't decided what kind of sale to run yet!) -- But don't worry, everyone who has ever contacted us or received a Murphy Method email newsletter will receive a notice about the sale right away. Never received a newsletter from us? Just drop us a line through our contact page, at:

-- and you'll be automatically added to the list and will receive our emails once or twice a month.

Now I have some DVDs to pack up and send out, so I'll sign off. See you again soon--


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About Red Henry

Began playing mandolin, guitar, fiddle, and banjo in 1967-69. I married Murphy in 1974. We led the Red & Murphy bluegrass band, playing professionally, from 1975-87. Since then I've handled the technical side of Murphy Method cassette, videotape, and DVD production. When you call I usually answer the phone, and I'm normally the one who sends out the orders.

4 thoughts on “November at the Murphy Method

  1. martha carlton

    I think I might order some of the early DVD’s since the copies I have of them are in video cassettes I want to get ready for the great MM Banjo camp!!! Please put some of the early materials on sale!!! Just a suggestion…

  2. Steve

    Hello Red,
    Do you have a video about Banjo maintenance? I have about two hundred hours of practice on an Epiphone Banjo and it seems the strings buzz in certain spots. I didn’t get a manual with the banjo. Any suggestions? Thanks! I have a stack of DVD’s to get through.

  3. Red Henry

    Post author

    Steve, we don’t have a DVD for banjo maintenance, but you might check with the Stelling Banjo company. They may have something of that sort.

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