Happy December

Casey Henry

I will be the first to admit I've been slacking off on my blogging. There are so many other things to do as the holidays approach, not the least of which is make and send out all the Christmas Custom Lesson Collection DVDs that people are ordering. (Thank you, by the way!) It's a two-disc set (because the little DVD program that I use won't cram all that info onto one disc) and I make each one individually on my computer. Actually I have two computers---a desktop and a laptop---so I get both of them to making discs, but it's still just a one-at-a-time deal, so I have to sit here at my desk while waiting for the computers to spit the DVDs out. I print out the covers on my (at least) ten year old printer (maybe fifteen) and I cut them out with scissors. Then I label each disc individually with black and red Sharpie, pop them in a case, put the whole thing in a mailer and send it on its way! It's been so popular I'm already thinking of doing a second volume for next year!

It's really beginning to feel like Christmas around my house. I carried all my Xmas boxes down from the attic on Sunday. I put up the tree that I brought back with me from Georgia. I went old-school this year and put on big lights. I thought I had enough strings to do the tree, but I was wrong, so I'm glad to report that they still sell that kind at Target. Though the strings of lights came with transparent bulbs and I wanted solid, so I bought many packs of replacement bulbs and switched them out. They didn't have enough to do all of them, but enough to achieve the desired effect. I think that it is my best Christmas tree ever. Of course, it will look even better when there are a bunch of presents piled underneath! 🙂

So I've been doing all that instead of blogging, but I promise to do better! Just as soon as I get my other tree put up...the silver one.

3 thoughts on “Happy December

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    The 2nd Christmas Custom Lesson Album sounds great. If you’re gonna make it, could you have ready for order & shipment earlier, say, in late summer or early fall? Thanks, and Happy December to you too.

  2. Kathy

    very fast shipper, we ordered this and with in just a few days we had this dvd in our post office box but then again we arent that far away

    Zac has learned 2 songs and working on his 3rd one!!

  3. Steve (in Japan)

    I agree with you, Kathy, TMM’s customer service is the best. I’m far away but still TMM’s “stuff” gets here in less than a week’s time. I was just thinking in terms of preparing for church and Sunday school Christmas parties, and not all songs are going to instant successes like Jingle Bells. Don’t forget, too, the 19th of this month is the last Sunday worship service before Christmas Day. Anyway, I just want to make it clear that I’m a happy, satisfied and grateful TMM student and customer. I’ll purchase Casey’s next Christmas lesson collection any it’s available.

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