Big Huge Announcement: Downloadable DVDs!

TMM digital download catalog[Drumroll please....] We are happy to announce that starting immediately, our most popular and newest DVDs are available for purchase via DOWNLOAD!! Yay!!! [Picture Kermit flailing his arms here.]

It has been a long time coming, and is long overdue, but we are super excited to be able to offer downloads as an option. We've had many requests, especially from our overseas students, and we sincerely hope that this will make it easier for them to get our products. We've partnered with the innovative Leaping Brain company to use their MOD Machine software, which allows you to start watching the DVD even before the whole thing has downloaded.

Right now we have six titles available: Beginning Banjo Volumes 1 and 2, Slow Jam with Murphy and Casey, Picking up the Pace: More Slow Jamming with Murphy and Casey, Easy Songs for Banjo, and Beyond Vamping: Fancy Banjo Backup. As soon as we see how well these are selling we will add more titles. Just click here to go to our downloads catalog page and you can get started immediately!

4 thoughts on “Big Huge Announcement: Downloadable DVDs!

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    Yep, Casey, this is the real reason why you’ve been so busy. It’s good news too. Good luck with this.

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