A Hottie Reunion

Casey Henry

You may remember in the past I've written about the group of women I jam with sometimes. We call ourselves At Least We're Hot because although we may be somewhat short on skill and polish on our respective instruments, we're not short in the looks department (if we do say so ourselves...and we do!). And of course for efficiency's sake we shorten it to the Hotties. So when we got together on Saturday for the first time in a year and a half, we called it the Hottie Reunion.

The reason it's been so long is that our mandolin player moved to Atlanta. She is one-third of our lead players, so losing her was a big deal. But she was in town for the weekend so our joyous reunion took place with all in attendance except Julie (our Scruggs-style banjo player) because it was her due date for baby #2.

As always we ate a bunch (Janice, our bass player and hostess had provided a variety of wonderful appetizers) and talked a bunch and finally got around to picking. I like our jam group because there is no pressure. None of us practice our instruments, so we never really get any better, but that's okay. It's more about just having fun and visiting. Music is the means, not the end in this case. So we could all relate when Connie (our clawhammer banjo player) told us what she had said when her husband asked her if she was going to practice in preparation for our get-together. She said, "No, because then my fingers would be sore!" It made perfect sense to us!

We started out, as we always do, with some two-chord songs, to ease into things: "Fireball Mail," "Angelina Baker," "Little Birdie." Then we graduated to three-chord songs like "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "The Crawdad Song," and "Wandering Boy." As we got warmed up we did some of our big hits like "Blue Suede Shoes," "Tear My Stillhouse Down," and "Wild Iris" (a Kate Campbell song which Kelley, our guitar player, sings the fire out of). We ended, as usual, with "Banjo Pickin' Girl."

We all had such a good time that we scheduled another get-together for next month. I think all of us are super glad that it will work out for us to pick together again. Maybe we'll even get Julie and her six-week-old baby to come out so we can ooh and aah and break in that kid's banjo ears early!

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