Custom Lesson Update

Casey Henry

It's been a little while since I've updated my list of custom banjo lessons. I've added quite a few good ones over the last couple of months. As always, if you'd like to order any of these for yourself, they're $30 each and can be ordered by emailing me: themurphymethod (at) gmail (dot) com.

The Crow - This is the title track from Steve Martin's banjo CD. A fun tune in an interesting tuning (C-modal tuning where you tune the second string to a C note, leaving the rest of the strings in standard).

Shuckin' The Corn (high break) - Earl plays a killer high break to this tune. It's not at all easy, but it's a fun challenge!

When The Train Comes Along - This is an old Uncle Dave Macon song. Uncle Dave played it clawhammer style. This is an intermediate Scruggs-style break.

How Great Thou Art - This old favorite can be played very elaborately and fancily on the banjo, but this version is a solid intermediate break. Not too hard, but it still sounds like the song!

There's a Little Cabin - This is the lullaby I recorded on my Real Women Drive Trucks CD. It's played in the key of D, out of D position, so it's a fairly difficult arrangement, but it's beautiful if you're up to it!

Just Any Day Now - Kenny and Amanda Smith recorded this gospel song on their first CD. It's a slow, pretty song.

Carter's Blues - You don't hear this groovy blues tune too often on the banjo, but you do hear guitar players play it. This arrangement is loosely based on Larry Sparks's arrangement, because I love his guitar playing. Intermediate level.

Cumberland River - Dailey and Vincent recorded this hard-driving bluegrass song. It has a very straightforward banjo break and is fun to play!

Till The End of the World Rolls Around - A Flatt and Scruggs classic. Earl played the break in drop-C tuning and used the tuner on the second string. This break is in standard tuning and doesn't use the tuners, but still captures the spirit of Earl's playing.

Room at the Top of the Stairs - Ralph Stanley sings this song and I tried to get a little of this flavor of his playing into this intermediate-level break.

Little Martha - This tune was an interesting challenge for me. It's an Gregg Allman guitar tune in the key of F. It translates surprisingly well to banjo, but it requires a lot of four-finger chord work. Another advanced tune, but fun if you want to tackle it!

4 thoughts on “Custom Lesson Update

  1. Murphy Henry

    Gosh, I wish I could PLAY all these songs, much less teach them! (Is that a mixed metaphor?) You know what I mean. You go, Casey!

  2. Patty

    Thanks, Casey for pointing out what c-modal means and Earl’s tuning in Til The End of The World..I didn’t know either of those things.

  3. Martin Bacon

    You are sounding an awful lot like Casey a few days ago when she said she didn’t practice her instrument before playing with “At Least We’re Hot”.

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