Have Studio, Will Travel

Casey Henry

These days absolutely any space can be turned into a recording studio if you have the right equipment. My brother Chris has a laptop computer and a bunch of other geegaws and things that have flashing lights on them that he can take anywhere and record anyone. My living room is presently the location of his most recent recording project, which is a new Red and Chris CD. This is what it looks like:

Recording Equipment

Casey's living room: the site of the newest Red and Chris CD sessions

We started recording yesterday. For the morning and early-afternoon session I played banjo (Red on mandolin, Chris on guitar) and Mike Bub played bass. In the configuration we got six songs, mostly Chris’s original tunes. For the late-afternoon continuation I switched to bass and Red’s uncle John Hedgecoth came to play banjo. We succeeded in capturing two more songs: one of Red’s tunes called “Milton’s Ghost” and a Flatt and Scruggs standard “Why Don’t You Tell Me So.” By that time it was past 6:00 and we were all tired and hungry, so we adjourned for the evening and I whipped up a big pot of pesto pasta and some guacamole (paired with blue corn chips) which, along with the potato salad in the fridge, made a wonderful, albeit rather starchy, meal.

Today is day #2 of the session and will be me on bass again for more traditional and instrumental numbers. I play bass so rarely I’m already working up a blister on my index finger. I hope it will hold out for the entire day!!

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  1. Red Henry

    Reinforced by Casey’s excellent bass playing, we got about 9 or 10 cuts on Monday (Day 2) and three more the next morning. Will post more tomorrow. Great time all around.

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