Now Offering Webcam Lessons

Casey Henry

I'm happy to announce that I'm finally set up and ready to go for webcam banjo lessons. I've done a few for a couple different students and, although I don't have ALL the kinks worked out yet, I'm ready to offer them to a wider audience.

Webcam lessons are not as good as in-person lessons, but they are useful if you don't have a teacher anywhere near you. They're perfect if you've been working with the Murphy Method DVDs and want a progress check-up to see how you're doing, or if you are stuck and need help, or if you just have no idea what's wrong and are at the end of your rope.

Skype, iChat, or AIM all work for these lessons. Any type of high-speed internet connection seems to do alright, although don't even think about it if you're still on dial-up.

Further details and ordering can be found on my website:

Chris Henry also offers webcam lessons. He teaches either guitar or mandolin, in the tried-and-true Murphy Method fashion. All questions and scheduling inquiries should go to him at

3 thoughts on “Now Offering Webcam Lessons

  1. Steve (in Japan)

    I know that I shouldn’t get away from the tag, but here I go. If you TMM students checkin’ in to this blog want to see some fine bluegrass from the past then check out wx3 dot bluegrassonthetube dot com’s “The Johnson Mountain Boys: ‘John Henry'” and watch Dave McLaughlin go on the mandolin. I mean! those “Boys,” all of them, had their act together.

  2. Martha Carlton

    I have had two of Casey’s webcam lessons and I can attest to their worth and ease to set up. I would not want to substitute these lessons for in-person lessons but, Casey is such a good teacher that she can help with just about any problem that is causing concern at the moment. I am thrilled that they are available.

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