MMBC 2011 Group Picture

More posts about the camp are coming, but for now, here's the group shot. (You campers, I'll email you the high res version of the shot, as well as the individual shots in the next couple days.) (Click on picture for larger version.)


Murphy Method Banjo Camp Campers (Not pictured: Jim Chambliss)

16 thoughts on “MMBC 2011 Group Picture

  1. Kevin Sheerin

    What a great looking group!!! It was great meeting everyone and what an experience! Murphy and Casey are indeed the best!!

  2. Augie Augburn

    Good looking group of people. All look very happy. I wish I could have been there. Can you put names to the faces?

  3. roy mclean

    thank you so much for a wonderfull weekend. It was a great crowd and the broad range of abilities was a relief for me. I felt that I took a lot away from the 3 days which will keep me busy for the coming months. Thanks to David for putting up with us into the early hoiurs of sunday morning with his guitar playing………..would have been a lot later had we not ran out of beers!

  4. Susan

    This is what I learned: how to play “Theme Time;” how to play “Do Lord” in the Key of C as well as D if you capo 2; how to play fancy fiddle back up to “Sally Goodin'”; how to play a cool back up lick all over the finger board – up – down – and all-around; how to play “Amazing Grace” in 3/4 time; how to improvise using well-known licks. This is what I heard and saw: A dynamite concert played by Murphy, Casey, Red, Geoff Stelling, Marshall Wilbourne, and David McLaughlin; a BANJO TASTING – where Murphy and Casey played a tune on our various banjos; then swapped banjos, so that we could hear that Murphy always sounded like Murphy and Casey always sounded like Casey, but just a little difference due to the different banjo beng played. That’s all for now; gotta run, but will be back and tell ya more later.

  5. Martin Bacon

    What Susan said. Never was it more clear that how someone sounds is all in the right hand. And now I think if I can play Amazing Grace smoothly, I can play a bunch of other tunes in 3/4 time. I love finding those little bluegrass Rosetta Stones.

  6. Roger Smith

    What a great photo. What a great weekend and the nicest people to have as fellow campers. Just look at us in the photo, if only we could play on looks alone, hah! But we can’t, so Murphy and Casey fulfills that need. After three and half years of using the Murphy Method and attending camp, I now understand how to apply techniques that help me to improvise.
    “Theme Time”, one of the songs you taught us at camp and songs that I have never heard, start to become easier to learn. Thank you Murphy and Casey.

  7. Martha Carlton

    No one has commented on how really wonderful all the campers and helpers were. It was such a treat to meet so many great people. How wonderful it would be if all jams could be composed of people from the MM Banjo camp. When I left, I was sad that I might not see many of these people again. We can hope for the next camp, I guess….If anyone is in SW Florida during the winter let me know. I would love to have you as a guest and we could enjoy lots of picking.

  8. Steve (in Japan)

    Congratulations to all of you MMBC 2011 grads. Your message, the way I’m hearing it, loud and clear, “Hard work, lots of fun and an exhausted beer supply.” Way to go! Just wish that I could’ve been there.

  9. Wes Edwards

    I posted my comment under ” Banjo Camp Comments”. Thanks Martha for your e-mail. I was beginning to wonder why there were only 5 comments posted.

  10. Mike

    Murphy, Casey, and all of the Pickers, for me camp was a great motivator. I discovered that I was not nearly as good a banjo player as I thought. Playing at the Senior Center we don’t play very fast, so, while I can play Banjo in the Holler, Cripple Creek, etc… I still play them only slightly faster than Murphy teaches them on her DVD. So, I started all over again on Monday with “Beginning Banjo Vol. 1” this time emphasizing getting up to a respectable speed…a work in progress. I was, also, pleased to meet such a great group of pickers.

  11. Martha Carlton


    It is great to see the two Kel Kroydons in front. I love mine!!! By a fluke, I have the number 1 “Casey Henry” Kel Kroydon. The case still has Casey’s name on it. I wanted to buy this new banjo, but, I did not want to wait six weeks for it to be delivered, so Casey gave me the number 1. How lucky for me! Just wish I could sound more like Casey on it!!!

  12. Barb Owens

    Murphy – you’re looking very skinny here! And,,,,,,,is that an orb at the top of the picture???? Thrilled to hear that the camp was a huge success! The only thing wrong with it is that I didn’t get to be in this picture. Wish I could have come. Granny and Her Gangsters are going strong. Soon the kids will be all grown up and gone and then what’s a Granny to do???? God bless.
    Double D

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