Happy Birthday to Murphy

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Murphy,

Happy Birthday to you!!

...well, the sale is over, but we'll leave the birthday wishes up so that Murphy can enjoy them any time!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Murphy

  1. Tam

    Goodmorning Murphy.

    I was browsing YouTube and came across this neat little clip which reminded me of you. Happy Birthday.

  2. Dave Eisenhuth

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday spending time with family,friends and of course the banjo

    Have a very special day. It was a great day when the good lord brought you into the world to share the banjo and your teaching to the rest of us

  3. susan

    Yes, Indeed! Enjoy your birthday with every dance step and every banjo and guitar note that you play! We are all blessed to have you,and appreciate all you do for us! Celebrate your day!

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