Tidbits from Banjo Camp North

Casey Henry

Here are a couple things that didn't make it into my first post about Banjo Camp North. I can't believe I forgot to include this picture:

A classic quote from Murphy

Banjo Camp North camper sporting a classic quote from Murphy.

I also can't believe I forgot to write down this guy's name!! I chalk it up to it being Sunday and I'd just finished teaching my last class and my brain had turned off... If you read this (guy in the picture) please comment and tell me who you are!! I sent the picture to Murphy and she said when she started reading the shirt she thought it was going to say "The first thing you have to do is tune the banjo," which would also make a pretty good shirt. But she thought this quote was funnier!

Next, here's a clip of me at the staff concert on Saturday night at camp. Joining me are Phil Zimmerman (mando), Kelly Stockwell (bass), and April Hobart (guitar and tenor vocal).

5 thoughts on “Tidbits from Banjo Camp North

  1. Mark Heilman

    Casey – Thanks so much for posting the clip. It’s just what I needed to improve an otherwise boring day at work.

  2. Martin Bacon


    You did a great job on that performance. It reminds me that some folks might want to try to get Phil Zimmerman’s book. It was fun to see all those pictures of Bluegrass performers young and old. I can’t believe how long Sam Bush’s hair used to be.

  3. Tom Schmidt

    Hey Casey.
    That old guy is I. I’m glad mom liked the T shirt. Folks at Banjo Camp asked where they could get it. Thank you both for all your work.

  4. Steve (in Japan)

    Oh ya! That T-shirt’s a good one, and that quote would make a great bumper sticker too!

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