Recent Additions to the Custom Lessons List

Casey Henry

I'm busy this morning updating the complete list of custom lessons that I have available with the ones that I've done in the last couple of weeks and I realized that I haven't done a separate post announcing additions since March--and there have been a bunch of them. On the list now is my fiddle-backup lesson for "Sally Goodwin." (That's banjo backup to play behind fiddle tunes a la Earl Scruggs and Paul Warren.) Also Earl's backup for the song "Blue Ridge Cabin Home." There are three modern country songs now ("Without You" from Keith Urban, "If I Die Young" from The Band Perry, and "Landslide" from the Dixie Chicks). They're not exactly my taste, but they sure are getting a lot of comments over on YouTube.

Completely new are some guitar rhythm tracks someone requested that I do. Info and ordering for those is over at my website.

As always, to order, just email me what you want. Or now you can order directly from my website.

So, here's what's new: